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Guru’s Ideals

At Sivagiri Gurudev states his ideal with vision and clarity.
” Temples must be kept scrupulously clean. Enter a temple only after taking a bath. Speak of good things. Remember God. Breathe fresh air. Some go to the temple and purify body and mind through fasting and such. Some shed desire through faith. Some earn the blessing of God. All these depends on faith. All this is good. So temple also is necessary.”

People worship at Sivagiri irrespective of religion or caste. One of the things which Gurudev emphatically repeated to the depressed classes relates to education. In his reply to the citation given to him by the Pallipuram Vijnan Vardhini Sabha, Gurudev said: “As education leads every community to the path of progress, if we desire the progress of our community, we must try to give a lot of publicity and importance to education among ourselves…”

“Since education leads any community to loftier paths we must try to spread education greatly in the community if we truly desire the community to progress. It may not be possible for everyone to attain higher education. Those who are well off must help those who’re poor and desirous of education to get education overseas. This will be of immense benefit to our community.”

Gurudev has emphasized the importance of English education. It was his considered view that the study of English is necessary to open up a connection with the future world. “Sanskrit education seems to be receiving less and less importance” he noted. “English is spreading. We should give attention to that.”

In his drive for social reform Gurudev placed great stress on women’s education. “Not only men but women too should get educated. They should not be left behind in such matters.” At Sivagiri, Gurudev ran an English medium school.

Next to education, Gurudev gave importance to industry. This is evident from his message, “make progress through industry”. He said, “Our community has very little wealth. Industry is the only means through which there can be increased wealth.”